Más de 40 años

More than 40 years

Maquinaria tecnológica

Technological machinery

Calidad garantizada

Guaranteed quality

Más de 500 clientes

Más de 500 clientes

Pacoimsa Oficinas
At the service of the graphic arts


Continuous Paper Impeso, S.A. commercially called PACOIMSA, is a company that for almost 4 decades has dedicated all its efforts to the world of Graphic Arts, especially Comprehensive Printing Services, located in Barcelona and with commercial presence throughout the country.

With our experience and progressive adaptation to current needs, PACOIMSA today has sufficient printing systems and technology to cover a large part of alternatives and possibilities.

You can use our services and products, such as: continuous printing, offset printing, digital printing, large format, screen printing/pad printing, sublimation, finishing and manipulation, design and layout, etc.

At PACOIMSA we have the means and the appropriate personnel to be able to offer you the service you are looking for and the best price on the market.

Ask us for a price without obligation for your project and we will quote it to you shortly. We are sure that we can improve any proposal you have on the table.

Our long experience in the sector supports us: quality, manufacturing, good prices and delivery times. Without these premises we would no longer be there.

We invite you to visit, view and analyze our works and draw your own conclusions.

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artes gráficas líderes
Standing out in the Graphic Arts Industry

Líderes en la Industria de las Artes Gráficas

With more than 40 years of experience in the field of Graphic Arts, Pacoimsa has become an undisputed leader in the industry.

Our tireless dedication to quality and innovation has allowed us to build strong relationships with over 500 satisfied customers. Our commitment to cutting-edge technological machinery ensures that we are at the forefront of printing in all its aspects.

From continuous printing to large format printing, we offer a wide range of services backed by the guaranteed quality that has made us stand out.

Presencia Nacional y Alcance Global

Nuestra Presencia en Todo el País

Pacoimsa is based in Barcelona, but our influence extends throughout the country. Our network of commercial offices is ready to serve the needs of clients in all parts of Spain. No matter where you are, our printing services are there for you.

Furthermore, our versatility knows no limits; We are not only experts in printing, but we also offer design and layout solutions to bring your ideas to life.

We are proud to be your reliable partner in the world of Graphic Arts.

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