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Continuous Printed Paper S.A. (Pacoimsa) is a company dedicated to the world of printing, founded by Domingo Esteo in 1980.

Since its origin and until today, its main activity has been the printing of all types of forms on continuous paper, as well as the printing of official forms, payrolls, checks, etc.

It also has machinery capable of printing reels with 4 + 4 inks and double width, which facilitates the production of large quantities. Mass mailings, electoral ballots, or large consumption of delivery notes, invoices, letters, etc. with output sheet by sheet.

We also have machinery to collect up to 6 sheets that facilitate the creation of loose sets or to make sets for checkbooks.

Over the years, Pacoimsa has adapted to new technologies in the world of graphic arts, and has incorporated new printing systems, which allow us to make many more types of prints, thus expanding the range of products that we can offer to our clients

We have digital printing in small and large formats that allows us to cover a wide range of marketing products (flyers, cards, business cards, brochures, notebooks, etc.)

Large format digital printing allows us to make posters, roll-ups, printed and cut vinyls and any other type of promotional material (canvases, corporeal elements, displays).

We also have the possibility of sublimation printing, which makes it easier to print textiles in photographic quality.

This variety of printing types allows us to cover almost all the needs that a company may have in this field, from a single supplier.

Our Trajectory and Commitment:

Since 1980, Pacoimsa has led the world of graphic arts with dedication and constant evolution. Founded by Domingo Esteo, we have fused tradition with the avant-garde, adopting new technologies to offer a wide range of printing services.

Quality, Variety and Commitment:

Our state-of-the-art machinery and highly trained team guarantee quality in each project. We are proud to be a one-stop supplier, from traditional printing to the latest digital and sublimation techniques. At Pacoimsa, customer satisfaction is our priority, building lasting relationships and adapting to changing market demands.

We innovate for your success:

Looking to the future, we continue to innovate to exceed expectations. Whether digital, large format or sublimation printing, we are prepared to be your trusted partner for all your printing needs. At Pacoimsa, we don’t just print, we create quality experiences.

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