Continuous printing

Impresión en continuo
The usual technology

Continuous printing

We have rotary machines capable of printing up to 8 colors (4+4 inks) and double width, thus facilitating the production of large quantities. Mass mailings, electoral ballots or large consumption of invoices, delivery notes, letters or other types of documents, both continuous and sheet-by-sheet output.

We also have machinery to collect up to 6 sheets (continuous paper up to 6, production of loose sets or to make checkbooks).

Continuous Printing: The Always Technology for Your Today’s Needs

At Pacoimsa, we have maintained our dedication to continuous printing, a technology that has proven its value over time. Our history in the world of printing is intertwined with technological advances and the changing needs of our customers. As we have evolved, we have maintained the essence of continuous printing, but with a modern and efficient touch.

A Legacy of Quality and Trust:

Since our founding in 1980 by Domingo Esteo, we have established a legacy of quality and trust in printing. Continuous printing technology remains an integral part of our service offering, and this tradition has continued as we adapt to the new challenges of the modern world.

Expanded Production Capacity:

Our rotary machines are true engineering masterpieces, capable of printing up to 8 colors (4+4 inks). The flexibility of these machines and their ability to print double width allow us to carry out large-scale projects, such as mass mailings and electoral ballots. Large quantities are no longer a problem; we handle them with ease without compromising quality.

Meeting Various Needs:

At Pacoimsa, we understand that each client is unique and has different printing needs. Our offering of continuous printing services covers a wide range of documents essential for business operations. Whether you need invoices, delivery notes, letters or other types of communications, we are ready to provide you with accurate and professional printing solutions.

Flexibility and Customization:

Our advanced machinery not only allows us to produce large quantities efficiently, but also gives us the flexibility to meet specific needs. We offer the ability to collect up to 6 sheets, allowing us to create loose sets or checkbooks for impeccable organization. Your comfort and satisfaction are our priority.

Committed to Excellence:

At Pacoimsa, we are proud not only of our history, but also of our continued dedication to quality and efficiency. Our investment in cutting-edge technology demonstrates our commitment to providing you with impressive results on every project. Quality is our hallmark and our passion.

How to Contact Us:

If you are interested in discovering how our continuous printing services can benefit your business, do not hesitate to contact us. You can complete our online contact form, call us directly or visit us at our facilities in Rubí (Barcelona).

Contact information:

Address: Calle Lisboa, 7, Pol. Ind. Cova Solera, 08191 Rubí (Barcelona)
Telephone: +34 935 86 28 71
Office Hours: Monday to Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

We look forward to listening to your needs and working with you to meet your continuous printing expectations. Trust Pacoimsa to offer you reliable, high-quality printing solutions that fit your unique requirements.

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