Finished and manipulated


Finished and manipulated

We have ample space and all types of machinery to carry out the finishing or handling process that many jobs require after being printed.

Folders, collators, gluers…

Until the end

Perfection in Finishes and Handling At Pacoimsa, we understand that printing is only the first step in creating high-quality materials. That’s why we offer a full range of finishing and handling services that ensure your printed projects are presented in the best possible way, from start to finish.

Ample Space and Advanced Machinery

Our facilities have a large space equipped with a variety of advanced machinery. This allows us to carry out the finishing and handling process with efficiency and precision.

Diversity of Finishing Services

We offer a wide range of finishing services to meet all your needs. From folders that precisely fold documents to collators that efficiently organize and assemble materials, our finishing services ensure every project looks professional and neat.

Perfection in Gluing

Our gluing machinery ensures that materials are held together securely and elegantly. Whether you need binding of books, dossiers or brochures, we can achieve impeccable finishes that reflect the quality of your work.

Customization to Your Measurement

We understand that each project is unique, which is why we offer custom finishing and handling solutions to suit your specific requirements. Whether you need special folding, specific binding or any other custom finish, we are here to meet your expectations.

Quality in Every Detail

At Pacoimsa, quality is our priority at every stage of the process. Our finishing and handling services are designed to ensure that every detail is handled with precision and care, from cutting to binding.

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At Pacoimsa, excellence is not an option, it is a commitment. Our finishing and handling services ensure your printed projects stand out for their quality and attention to detail, from the first look to the last touch. Discover how we can elevate your printed materials to a higher level of perfection.

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