Impresión en continuo
The usual technology

Continuous printing

We have rotary machines capable of printing up to 8 colors (4+4 inks) and double width, thus facilitating the production of large quantities. Mass mailings, electoral ballots or large consumption of invoices, delivery notes, letters or other types of documents, both continuous and sheet-by-sheet output.

We also have machinery to collect up to 6 sheets (continuous paper up to 6, production of loose sets or to make checkbooks).

More options

Offset printing

We have flatbed machines (offset) with up to 5 bodies, which allow us to print in four-color + direct Pantone or varnished, in various sizes up to the 70x100cm format.

Impresión Offset
Impresión digital
New technologies

Digital printing

We have 2 machines for digital printing (one for color and one for black and white) up to A3+ format. This allows us to print a large number of weights, as well as types of paper. In addition, we have the possibility of printing gold and silver.

We also have auxiliary machinery to be able to bind all types of books, dossiers or other types of documents that require subsequent manipulation.

Business cards, business cards, labels, flyers, folders in small print runs, etc.

Not only in small format

Large format

We have several plotters in different widths and with different finishing possibilities, such as white ink. We also have a flatbed printing machine that allows us to print materials up to 5cm thick.

In addition, we also have a cutting and milling table that makes it easy to finish materials for events.

Large format signage, Roll-Up’s, corporeal, printed and cut vinyl, canvas, displays, etc.

Impresión gran formato
Serigrafía y tampografía
Everything you can imagine

Screen printing / Pad printing

These types of printing allow us to manufacture or mark advertising materials for marketing campaigns in various inks.

T-shirts, caps, polo shirts, keychains, pens, etc.

Photographic quality


Through this innovative system we can print various types of textile material with photographic quality and without color limits, thus offering a wide range of possibilities for promotional or control and access products.

Acabados y manipulados
Until the end

Finished and manipulated

We have ample space and all types of machinery to carry out the finishing or handling process that many jobs require after being printed.

Folders, collators, gluers…

Imagine, we create

Design and layout

Our company also has an excellent design and layout service to be able to create or carry out all types of work that you can think of.

We help you reflect your ideas on paper or any other material we can print.

Diseño y maquetación
Páginas Web
Welcome to digital


Our design department also offers you the possibility of creating your own customized website for your business/company, thus allowing you to be present in the digital world, essential today.

If you already have a website, we can review or optimize your page to improve its operation, as well as its positioning.

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