Through this innovative system we can print various types of textile material with photographic quality and without color limits, thus offering a wide range of possibilities for promotional or control and access products.

Photographic Quality: Sublimation that Elevates your Designs

At Pacoimsa, we are committed to providing you with printing solutions that stand out for their exceptional photographic quality. Sublimation is an innovative technique that allows us to take your designs to a new level of detail and color, without color limits or restrictions on creativity.

High Quality Textile Printing

Sublimation is a revolutionary technique for printing on various types of textile materials. What makes it exceptional is its ability to achieve photographic quality that captures even the subtlest details of your designs. Every color, shade and hue is reproduced with astonishing accuracy.

No Color Limits

One of the most notable advantages of sublimation is the unlimited freedom of colors. No matter how intricate your design is, there are no restrictions on the color palette you can use. This means that your promotional or access and control products can be truly unique and eye-catching.

Versatility in Applications

Sublimation opens a world of possibilities for personalized products. From t-shirts and fashion textiles to promotional items such as mugs, cushions, phone cases and more, we are prepared to print your designs on a wide variety of substrates.

Durability and Resistance

In addition to photo quality, sublimation offers exceptional durability. The colors do not fade over time or come off when washed, ensuring your products maintain their beauty and appeal for a long time.

Creative Collaboration

At Pacoimsa, we are ready to collaborate with you in every step of the sublimation process. From material selection to design optimization, we work together to ensure your ideas translate perfectly into printed products.

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At Pacoimsa, sublimation is more than a printing technique, it’s the way we transform your designs into living works of art. Discover how we can turn your ideas into products that surprise and delight your target audience with unmatched photographic quality.

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